A Ban on Nudist Beaches? | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 13.08.2004
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A Ban on Nudist Beaches?

Eastern Germany's beaches are at the center of a controversy: While locals have always enjoyed bathing naked, many western German visitors lament the lack of clothes. DW-WORLD readers side with the nudists.

It's much more fun this way

It's much more fun this way

I would not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable sharing the beach with nudists. I only wish that we were advanced enough here in Pennsylvania to be even having this debate! -- Dan Russo

It would not bother me at all to be on a beach with nudists. I'm suprised by this article. I always thought that the German people were comfortable with nudity. -- Brent Donohoe

Sadly, I’ve read that there is an effort to restrict some areas of nude bathing in Germany. Personally I feel this is a mistake. Living in a country that deems public nudity as a crime, I can only hope that the German people do not allow this attitude to befall them. Since my first visit to a nude beach, I have found that being unclothed is not only most relaxing but a natural feeling as well. My family and I will continue to travel to Germany during our summer vacations and will visit the nude beaches. I am a tourist and I am in favor of keeping the nude beaches free and open. This is one tourist who goes to Germany for the nude beaches. It’s time to ask the tourist industry how much money will they lose if the FKK (nudist) beaches are closed. -- Wayne Stanfield

FKK should have right to move in what they like and textile people should refrain from going there. We would love to share beaches with nudists. -- Nasir M .Cheema

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