A Mediterranean Journey: New Documentary Series with Jaafar Abdul Karim | Press | DW | 12.08.2022
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A Mediterranean Journey: New Documentary Series with Jaafar Abdul Karim

For the documentary A Mediterranean Journey, DW presenter Jaafar Abdul Karim and journalist Sineb El Masrar visited ten countries. DW will show the co-production with broadcasters Arte and ZDF starting Sunday, August 14.

The ten episodes feature the diverse people and countries around the Mediterranean, showing their commonalities and differences. The protagonists from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa have unusual life stories, stand up for human rights, are pioneers in conservative societies, and present their art and culture.  

A Mediterranean Journey - Trailer

Abdul Karim has traveled to Lebanon, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, and Spain: "We report mostly on the wars and conflicts south of the Mediterranean Sea. On this trip, I learned to look at the region differently. It is more diverse than we see it from Europe and has plenty to offer culturally whether it is theater, dance, or culinary arts. In the documentary series, we wanted to avoid the Eurocentric view and present each country as it is." 

In the Maltese capital Valetta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Abdul Karim meets the architect who played a major role in the city's restoration. The host also experiences the darker side of the island nation: in 2017, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who had uncovered corruption scandals, was murdered here. Malta has also been a focus of attention during the European refugee crisis; ships carrying survivors from the Mediterranean Sea dock here time and again.   

Jaafar Abdul Karim in a Maltese kitchen during the Mediterranean Journey.

Jaafar Abdul Karim in a Maltese kitchen.

The tv host visits sustainability projects in Lebanon, the founder of a Muslim dating app in Egypt, and the Jewish community on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.  

DW will broadcast the series on Sundays from August 14 to October 30 as part of its German-language TV program. It is also available on DW Documentary's YouTube channels in English, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi.

DW host Jaafar Abdul Karim.

DW host Jaafar Abdul Karim.

Jaafar Abdul Karim, born in Liberia, grew up in Switzerland and Lebanon. An international award-winning journalist, he is the editorial director and host of the interactive, multimedia JaafarTalk at DW. JaafarTalk provides a platform for people in the Arab world to openly share their opinions and perspectives. Abdul Karim, who has experience in reporting from various crisis and war zones, is part of the team of advisors around DW editor-in-chief Manuela Kasper-Claridge.

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