Brand Integrity Officer | Organization | DW | 17.06.2022
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Brand Integrity Officer

Çağda Yıldız is responsible for promoting DW's values as defined by the Deutsche Welle Act and mission statement within DW and its business relationships.

Çağda Yıldız was appointed Brand Integrity Officer (BIO) by Director General Peter Limbourg in May 2022. The Brand Integrity Officer reports directly to the Director General and is tasked with promoting DW's values as defined by the Deutsche Welle Act and mission statement, both internally and, in particular, in DW's business relationships.

An important part of the role is to pay close attention to possible reputational risks for DW. The BIO therefore has a central role in protecting the DW brand and reputation. Furthermore, he will contribute to the development of value and brand promises by DW. In this capacity, he will work closely together with DW Compliance Officer Annelie Gröniger.

Yıldız joined DW in 2014, most recently working in Corporate Strategy. Here, he oversaw strategy development for the Turkish, Arabic, Sports and for the Culture and Lifestyle services. He also compiled the evaluation reports for 2017 and for 2021. Prior to this position, he led company-wide strategic projects including "DW 2035", the on-demand strategy and the strategic orientation of +90.

Yıldız studied Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and Political Science at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris.



Christoph Jumpelt, Deutsche Welle, Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

Christoph Jumpelt


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