Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy @ DW | Diversity at DW | DW | 27.03.2024
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy @ DW

At DW's DEI department, our mission is to make diverse biographies, skills and perspectives more visible across all DW levels.

Inklusion und Diversität

Diversity needs Equity for Inclusion

Our Strategy 2024-2025
DW has set itself the goal of shaping a diverse and digital corporate culture. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) department is helping to push forward this change — at all levels of the company. 
This can only be achieved together with those who work daily with great dedication for Deutsche Welle, whether in Programming, the Academy, Business Administration, Distribution, Marketing and Technology or in the Directorate General.

Our Approach: Holistic and Intersectional 
We work with a holistic approach to further embed DEI as a cross-cutting theme in as many areas (and levels) as possible. We have identified three strategic fields of action: People, Processes, Products. Our triad is therefore: We are diverse - we work diverse - our products are diverse.

People: People from over 140 nations work at Deutsche Welle. Our programs are broadcast in 32 languages. We are based at 13 locations worldwide - we are diverse
Processes: Deutsche Welle lives an inclusive corporate culture. Respect, belonging and shared responsibility lead to creativity, innovation, and better decisions - we work in a diverse way!
Products: Deutsche Welle's content reflects the diversity of our target groups and thrives on the different skills, talents, and cultural perspectives of our employees - our products are diverse!  

Our Focus Areas 2024-25:

  • Conduct the first diversity data survey on the diversity of staff in the company 
  • Embed AI-supported diversity monitoring in the program 
  • Establish reporting on the impact of DEI measures 
  • Start the Focus Group Racism
  • Hold an Innoklusio exhibition at the DW location in Bonn 
  • Design/promote accessibility of internal documents (Office 365 Suite)
EINSCHRÄNKUNG DW Personenfoto | Corporate Communications | Carla Hagemann

Carla Hagemann

Corporate Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications


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