DW Middle East Correspondent Tania Krämer receives Werner Holzer Prize for Foreign Journalism | DW's press releases | DW | 14.11.2023
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DW Middle East Correspondent Tania Krämer receives Werner Holzer Prize for Foreign Journalism

DW correspondent Tania Krämer was awarded the Werner Holzer Prize for Outstanding Foreign Journalism for her reporting from Israel and the Middle East on November 14 in Frankfurt.

"Tania Krämer established personal contacts in the Middle East early on. Her experience and her network allow her to give her viewers a deeper understanding of events, to show that there are many realities, the gray areas of everyday life. She looks behind the headlines and explains in a striking way what the events mean for people's lives," said the jury.  

Krämer, who was awarded the second prize by the jury, has been working for DW as a correspondent in Israel for over ten years. Her work at DW’s Jerusalem bureau contributes to the understanding of the developments in the region. 

DW Director General Peter Limbourg: "Tania Krämer is being honored for her outstanding reporting on the escalating Middle East conflict. Her work reflects the great commitment of our dedicated colleagues who face enormous challenges.   

"For many years, Tania Krämer has worked objectively and unpretentiously in an enormously difficult region. People and their fate have always been at the center of her work. I am very pleased with this decision by the jury of the Werner Holzer Prize," he said. 

The Werner Holzer Prize was established in 2022 to honor the work of foreign correspondents and to highlight their contribution to the diversity of opinion. With the award, the Werner Holzer Institute wants to send a clear signal against reducing foreign reporting or limiting its journalistic diversity. This year's prize is dedicated to journalists whose analysis and reporting contribute to a better understanding of the world's major conflict regions.  

More information on the Werner Holzer Prize can be found here.


Edited by Ala Zainalabidean.

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