DW relaunching 'Flipping the Script' for upcoming European elections: MEPs and voters reverse roles | DW's press releases | DW | 07.05.2024
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DW relaunching 'Flipping the Script' for upcoming European elections: MEPs and voters reverse roles

DW has produced a new edition of its 'Flipping the Script' debate format in Brussels. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and voters switch places in the show produced by ENTR, DW News and DW's Brussels bureau.

Instead of discussing and asking questions or sitting for interviews, the MEPs are the ones listening. The show aims to bring the issues affecting voters to the fore in the run up to the European elections. By switching places and taking on new perspectives, the candidates will be more sensitized for the topics that are truly important to voters in the EU.

"We want 'Flipping the Script' to bring politicians and voters closer together in the run-up to the European elections in June to bridge gaps and promote dialogue. We are reversing their roles, putting the politicians in the audience and offering our stage to voters. We want to reach young voters most of all and show them what the European elections are all about and that they can shape the discourse," says Editor-in-Chief Manuela Kasper-Claridge.

MEPs from all parliamentary groups were approached to ensure a balanced discussion. Parliamentarians from seven European parties and from all regions of Europe took part including David McAllister (Germany, EPP), Nathalie Loiseau (France, Renew) and Sven Mikser (Estonia, S&D).

The three debates focused on war and security, immigration and the climate – subjects that are currently on the minds of not only voters, but also those of the Members of the European Parliament. The protagonists came from across Europe to share their differing perspectives and concerns, problems and what they expect of politicians. They also had personal stakes in the debates: Tomass, a student from Latvia who volunteered for military service following the Russian invasion of Ukraine; Giulia, from Italy, who supports migrants in her work for an NGO in Turin and Justine, an agricultural scientist from Belgium, who plans to take over her parents' farm.

"I thought this was very confusing, but this is precisely the point. And you know, hearing on the panel views from both sides was very important because this reflects the ambivalences and the tensions that we have in our voting population," said Sergey Lagodinsky (Germany, The Greens/EFA).

The videos will be published primarily on the social media accounts of ENTR. The pan-European media project reaches a young community in nine European languages. This community responded to a survey to decide the topics that would be discussed in the EU edition.

You can watch the first episode of the EU edition here.

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