DW Transtel: On Island Time | DW Transtel | DW | 16.05.2024
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DW Transtel

DW Transtel: On Island Time

Highlight April 2024

Islands often figure in our dreams and fantasies. We are drawn to the idea of white sandy beaches and clear blue water, remoteness and tranquility. Real islands can be tiny coral reefs or huge expanses of land, nation states with large cities and millions of inhabitants; they can be located in tropical climes or in the icy waters of the Arctic. Many secluded islands have developed their own distinctive flora and fauna. As for their human inhabitants, there is often talk of an island mentality. Many islanders are closely bound up with the ocean, are involved in maritime trade or fishing, and maintain local traditions. We tell of South Sea islands, natural paradises, islands of fire and ice as well as the lives of island dwellers.

DW Transtel - On Island Time


Order number 564834 (014-019), Documentary, 06 x 30 min., Arabic, English, Spanish 
(12 additional episodes available)


New Zealand’s South Island – Glaciers and Rain Forests
This sparsely populated island in the South Pacific boasts a spectacular landscape of mountains, beaches, fjords, glaciers and rain forests. Dotted in between, villages and towns bear witness to the European influence on New Zealand’s South Island. For almost 1,000 years its indigenous people the Māori have been calling it Te Wai Pounamu, or “greenstone waters”. This is because the island harbors large reserves of jade.


The Dominican Republic – Exploring Beyond the Beaches
This Caribbean country is probably best known for all-inclusive vacations. But the Dominican Republic has much more up its sleeve. In  the capital Santo Domingo for example, visitors can admire many beautiful buildings from the colonial era. Expansive fruit and vegetable farms thrive in the Cordillera Central mountain range, whose peaks are among the region’s highest, reaching well over 3,000 meters above sea level. Vacationers can go on whale watching trips, dance merengue and discover some of the key sites in the history of the country’s dictatorship, which lasted from 1930 to 1961. A nation with a fascinating past and plenty of Caribbean flair.


Sri Lanka – Temples, Tea and Elephants
In addition to long beaches and pristine national parks, this island nation in the Indian Ocean also boasts many historic places of interest. Other highlights include the many religious ceremonies and processions that take place here. Parades are often accompanied by elephants decked out in flowers and finery. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is also famous for its black tea. The extensive tea plantations are a defining feature of the country’s cool highlands.


Greenland – Life in the Icy Wilderness
The world’s largest island is almost completely covered by a thick sheet of ice. Most of the country’s population of just under 60,000 live on the west coast and live primarily from hunting and fishing. But more and more Greenlanders are now relying on tourism.  Nevertheless, everyday life so close to the Arctic is challenging – global warming is just one of many issues facing people here. Life in the North Atlantic is changing.


Corsica – Untamed Mediterranean Mountainscapes
This French island’s deep gorges and rugged peaks are a big draw for hikers in particular. But Corsica’s history is equally fascinating: Carthaginians, Romans and other peoples all settled here at one time. The island has been French territory since 1768. To this day, its most famous son is Napoleon Bonaparte. 


From Phuket to Ko Lanta – Island Hopping in Thailand’s Southwest
The islands in the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean are the stuff of dreams, with white sandy beaches, hidden coves and crystal-clear lagoons. It’s no wonder that these tropical landscapes are popular with movie makers. But a journey through the region also reveals its cultural riches: from Thai culinary delicacies and traditional rubber tree plantations to historic cities.

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