DW Transtel: The Power of Sports | DW Transtel | DW | 16.05.2024
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DW Transtel

DW Transtel: The Power of Sports

Highlight April 2024

The Power of Sports - 464835

Sport is the world’s most popular leisure pursuit, quite apart from major competitions and international leagues. But sport is also much more: It has the ability to connect and inspire people regardless of their age, social status and background. The Power of Sports observes those who seek passion, concentration, team spirit, competition and recognition through sport – people who have succumbed to its fascination.

Order number 464835 (028-030), Documentary, 03 x 30 min., Arabic, English, Spanish
(25 additional episodes available)


Skate Sisters: On Track for the Olympics
Skateboarding is one of the newest Olympic sports and was first included in the 2021 Summer Games. The event prompted the formation of the first ever professional female national teams. The French national squad brings together pioneers of the skateboarding world and young talent, providing a forum for mutual development. For a long time, the skateboard lifestyle was dominated by men. But now, the national team is gradually helping to establish a confident new sense of identity within the female skater community.


Game Changers: Wheelchair Basketball
The ASKA Maroussi basketball team based in the Greek capital Athens trains in wheelchairs. The squad is a diverse group of people with and without disabilities, including sportspeople who’ve migrated to Greece. The team is an example of the integrative power of basketball. A power that’s also very much in evidence as the team prepares for the Paralympics – despite huge financial challenges.


The Tbourida Horsewomen – Embracing Tradition and Modernity
Tbourida is an ancient Moroccan equestrian art that simulates a military attack on enemy forces. It also represents the many varied dimensions of the participants’ cultural heritage: the tradition encompasses rituals, skills and artisanal knowledge related to clothing and craftsmanship. The focal point is the horse, as a sacred animal in Islam. Troops of between 11 and 15 riders known as “Sorbas” take part in competitions across Morocco every year. Most of the teams are all-male, but now more than a dozen female squads also compete; a group of riders who remain true to family tradition while breaking new ground.

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