DW wins the Golden Pride Champion award. Working environment for LGBTQI+ employees significantly improved. | Diversity | DW | 05.12.2023
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DW wins the Golden Pride Champion award. Working environment for LGBTQI+ employees significantly improved.

The Uhlala Group published today the Pride Index. It focuses on the commitment of companies and organisations to LGBTQI+ employees.

The perspective of the observer is looking at the photo from above. Two hands of a black person can be seen. The person is typing on a white laptop. He*she is wearing a rainbow-colored sweatband on each wrist.

DW receives gold label as an LGBTQI+-friendly employer

Deutsche Welle has made great progress as an LGBTQI+-friendly workplace. It achieved the highest score in the Uhlala Group's annual Pride Audit and thus also achieved a top ranking among German public sector organisations. 

"We are delighted to receive this award, which is primarily possible because queer people and allies have joined forces in DW. We are visible, we are here to stay, and we promote diversity in everyday life," says Ursula Koll, coordinator of the audit and important interface person between Pride@DW and DW People. 

The Uhlala award is based on a catalogue of 75 questions in four categories: organisational structure, HR, communication & visibility and legal framework & regulations. This year's index includes 70 employers. In addition to take stock of the current level of a company’s commitment, the audit also aims to identify improvements and informs about possible potentials.  


More networking and exchange, structural protection against discrimination 

In the 2021 audit the DW received the silver award. The progress made shows the impact of the measures taken, particularly through the intensive collaboration between the Pride@DW network and many areas within DW. In addition to regular events for LGTBQI+ employees and allies, the protection against discrimination regarding to sexual orientation and gender identity is embeded in DW's Code of Conduct.  

For Barbara Massing, Administrative Director, and member of the Executive Board, this is an important honour and a significant signal for the media market: "It's great that we have made such enormous progress compared to 2021. Personally, it is important to me to prevent discrimination against queer people from the outset. We have now made significant progress, but we have not yet reached our goal."  

This goal must be a corporate culture in which people can be themselves regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. Current studies show that this is not yet given. For example, in August 2021, the Boston Consulting Group conducted a survey to find out when people come out at work. The result: 61 per cent of the 8,800 people surveyed in 19 countries belonged to the queer community. While 70 per cent of respondents came out within the first year and ten per cent chose a later date to do so, 20 per cent keep their sexual orientation in the workplace as a secret.


Driving cultural change  

Despite the award, there is still a lot to do”, confirms Frank Hofmann for the Pride@DW network: "The network is designed to grow in order to be a safe haven for many more employees and to promote cultural change at DW. In many organisations and companies, heteronormative relationship and career networks dominate and exclude. DW has made a start in changing this - we are delighted with the encouragement and support of our many allies.” 

The network and all departments and areas involved in DW must continue to work on preventing discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The protection of trans people is at the top of the agenda, as is the career development of people from the LGBTQI+ community through targeted peer coaching. 



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