Facebook party crashers get readers thinking about privacy settings | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 07.06.2011
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Facebook party crashers get readers thinking about privacy settings

Since a German teenager accidentally invited everyone on Facebook to her birthday party, some readers have voiced concerns about their own privacy settings. Others think the girl should have known better.

Unwanted revelers in Hamburg

People from all over Germany crashed a girl's birthday party

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Facebook users crash 'public' party in Hamburg

Do you think Facebook allows users to reveal too much?

Facebook is great, but must develop accurate systems so privacy and certified personal records are ensured. -- Yussif

The real problem is those 1,600 idiots who came knowing this invitation was not really meant for them. -- Friedrich, Germany

Facebook shares the blame by making privacy so difficult to control. -- Walter

She should have made it private, but those people knew they were crashing her birthday. -- Sarah

I think users reveal too much information to the public. Also, by writing everything about their lives, users open themselves up to every possible consequence - both good and bad. Facebook on its own is not different from most other social sites in terms of how much information it reveals, but the users are. -- Sinqobile, Zimbabwe

I think there was no problem! She will never forget this anniversary, and it's joy! -- Hassan

No, because she could have just 'hidden' the event page, or however she organized it. -- Cosmo, England

Why is Facebook to blame for someone being stupid? People should be allowed to reveal as much as they like and as much as the law permits them to. I think Facebook has some very good filters [for] what you give. Unfortunately, there are not enough filters for what you receive. -- Cornel, Romania

My German and other EU Facebook friends keep a much lower social media profile than we Americans do. I'm not sure if they participate in more language-specific websites, or are just more careful about their privacy. I suspect the latter. -- Lawrence, USA

If you are too ignorant to click [on the] privacy settings and spend a few minutes setting them up, then you deserve the consequences. -- Andrew

Facebook makes it too easy for people to inadvertently reveal information that may have best been kept private. Also, the privacy settings are way too complex. For example, I have found acquaintances on Facebook simply because their phone numbers are public. If I could find these people, anybody else can.-- Paul, Australia

I am 16 years old. When Facebook was introduced, everyone moved from Orkut to Facebook since it has many security and privacy measures built in. People can't avoid social networking, but prefer the safer and cheaper one here. Although we only have GPRS, we can't help but chat, text message and tweet. -- Muhammed, Indonesia

Compiled by Shant Shahrigian

Editor: Martin Kuebler

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