Head of Compliance and Corruption Prevention | Organization | DW | 09.11.2016
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Head of Compliance and Corruption Prevention

Annelie Gröniger oversees all DW's compliance functions and is the contact person for corruption prevention.

In this function, she advises management and supports employees in avoiding any breaches of rules or of the law. The Code of Conduct is key to providing the framework for this field of responsibility belonging to the Head of Compliance. She is also responsible for the internal communication of any regulations that must be followed. In March 2022, the Compliance staff function was expanded to include responsibility for Brand Integrity and reassigned to report directly to the Director General. Cagda Yildiz is the Brand Integrity Officer. 

As Head of Compliance, Annelie Gröniger is also responsible for all corruption-related issues on the part of DW employees as well as of business partners or third parties. She reports any relevant findings immediately to the Director General. The information can only be passed on with consent from the person providing it. 

Any indications of corruption can be sent to Dr. Stefanie Lejeune, the external Compliance Officer for DW. 

Gröniger holds a law degree from Münster University. She joined DW in 1994 and has held various positions as a legal expert.