'Hidden Stars 2022': medium magazin honors DW journalist Helena Kaschel | Press | DW | 09.11.2022
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'Hidden Stars 2022': medium magazin honors DW journalist Helena Kaschel

Helena Kaschel has been named as one of the "Hidden Stars 2022" by the German medium magazine. With this award, the journalism magazine recognizes people who work predominantly in the background.

The Hidden Stars format is based exclusively on coworkers' appreciation. People can nominate their colleagues and select the five top skills their favorites possess from a list of 20 journalistic skills specified by the magazine.

A broad range of praise from the team

Multimedia journalist Helena Kaschel began her traineeship at DW in 2015 and currently manages the DW Stories Instagram account. According to her colleagues, she is a great team worker and motivator. The team describes her as a social media professional with a keen sense for topics and stories, an intuition for language, as a master editor and as having an analytical mind. Her special expertise is in socio-political topics for Generation Z. The team appreciates Kaschel because she "never gives up, holds ideas high and has a good sense of how to continuously develop an account."

Instagram account shows personal stories

Helena Kaschel and her team in Analysis & Reports opened the DW Stories Instagram account in early 2021 and have since then continuously expanded it. DW Stories tells personal stories of people from all over the world. The team focuses on short videos for a young target group in India, Pakistan and the USA.

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