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How is DW structured?

DW structure

Symbolbild DW Deutsche Welle Bonn

The organizational chart provides an overview of the corporate structure of DW.

General Management
Senior staff

Broadcasting Council and Administrative Board

The Broadcasting Council and the Administrative Board are the governing bodies of DW, as per the Deutsche Welle Act

The members of the committees may not pursue any economic or other interests that could somehow impede their ability to fulfill their tasks as committee members. They may especially not sit on any board of any other public or private broadcasters.

By acting in their capacity as committee members, they represent the interests of the general public. They are independent of any assignments or orders.

The members of the Broadcasting Council and the Administrative Board serve for a five-year term. The members of the committees are unpaid, but are entitled to an expense allowance as well as to travel expenses, per diem allowances and lodging allowances.

Deutsche Welle Act