Questions about DW's radio offers | FAQs about DW's radio content | DW | 12.04.2024
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FAQ: Radio

Questions about DW's radio offers

Answers to common questions about DW's radio programs.

In which languages and regions does Deutsche Welle broadcast its radio programs?

DW broadcasts a lineup for the region of Africa.
Broadcasts over shortwave are available in Amharic and Arabic.
Amharic, Swahili, English, Portuguese, French for Africa, Arabic and Greek are available via satellite broadcast, internet livestream and local partner stations.
For information relating to the reception of DW radio programs, see this article.


Where can I find the radio frequencies for DW radio programs?

The frequencies for the radio programs are listed here.


Why does Deutsche Welle list its program times in UTC?

DW is an international broadcaster with programs available in many time zones of the world. DW can only express clear broadcast times with the help of this standard.

Like most international stations that broadcast radio or television programs in foreign countries, Deutsche Welle provide broadcasting times in UTC (also known as GMT or world time). Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and world time all describe the same thing—namely a worldwide standard time used for orientation.

The link below provides information about the world’s time zones and a world time table, where you can see how much time you need to add or subtract from UTC/GMT/world time to know when a program will be broadcast in your local time.


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