Should Ukraine's Elections be Repeated? | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 01.12.2004
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Should Ukraine's Elections be Repeated?

In the chaotic aftermath of the Ukrainian elections, DW-WORLD readers offered visceral responses to the situation in the country with little dissent among them.

Many readers sided with the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine

Many readers sided with the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine

Sure I think the elections in Ukraine must be repeated. I personally think there is a dangerous situation in Ukraine. If you are against the candidate Yanukovych and go to his city, Donetsk, you will definitely meet gangsters who will scare you and pull a gun on you. -- Nick Niceman

Of course, Yushchenko will benefit Ukrainians. It’s a dangerous situation when the authorities unite with criminals against their own people. Yushchenko is a real leader and real winner. Yanukovych, a former criminal prisoner, will continue the politics of Kuchma. People are tired of corruption and want changes. -- Tatayana

If it is obvious that the election results are fabricated and international observers have serious doubts about the legitimacy of the elections, I believe the international community should interfere and facilitate an honest and unbiased election process. Also, the international community should have a say about Russia's interference with Ukrainian elections. The way forward, I believe, would be to annul the results of current elections and hold another round, hopefully more objective and unbiased this time. -- Natalia Bruslanova

Viktor Yushchenko's victory is a vital precondition to a successful transition of Ukraine to a true democratic society after only 14 years of relative independence. Yanukovych would lead the country back into the arms of Russia with its dreams of rebuilding the old empire, enhancing Ukraine's economic and political exploitation by Russian interests. Strengthening Ukaine's independence is of vital long term interest to Poland, Germany and other members of the EU.-- George Olynyk

For Europe, Yushchenko's victory is a vote for democracy and hopefully the beginning of Ukraine's path in becoming a truly independent state without Russia's 300 year dominance over a colony of peasants. It will hopefully strengthen its reforms and legal system to eliminate the gangsters who profited from the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Let us hope that these forces do not create chaos and bloodshed in order to protect their criminal rape of the Ukrainian people. -- Slava Bohy

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