Side event | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 02.05.2014
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Side event

CryptoParty: From theory to practice – Learn how to protect your data

Even when researching in free and democratic countries, journalists have to mitigate the threat of being observed. While physical surveillance has become a common challenge with well-known techniques and countermeasures, the task of protecting themselves and their sources in the age of worldwide electronic communications covers a broad and steadily changing set of risks that somehow have to be handled. Smartphones and laptops might get bugged with malware, hard drives and memory cards might get stolen, chats and e-mail communication might be intercepted. Even a simple online research can be observed. Data encryption is the obvious answer to these threats, but firstly, many crypto tools turn out to be snake oil, and secondly, the remaining tools aren’t always easily manageable. And ultimately, no tool offers complete safety; it can only help to mitigate a specific attack vector.

Since 2012, the global CryptoParty initiative has been helping people with no or limited technical background to install and use cryptographic software on their computers. CryptoParties focus on practical knowledge and narrow theory down to its absolute minimum. In several workshops, attendees will get an overview of several encryption and anonymization tools and whistleblower-platform software.

While providing the default CryptoParty-program at each workshop - i.e. teaching password-management, harddisk-encryption, email-encryption, anonymous-browsing, and chat-encryption to anyone interested, without the need of any previous knowlege - we put special emphasis on the explanation of certain topics in the center of each workshop.

30.06., 16.00 -17.30: CryptoParty
Focus: how to encrypt e-mails
Dive into the 'dark art' of encryption key management and learn to secure your e-mail communicaton successfully.

01.07., 16.00 -17.30: CryptoParty
Focus: how to browse and read anonymously
Learn how to browse the net and read online-documents without leaking your identity.

02.07., 12.30 -14.00: CryptoParty
Focus: understanding whistleblowing
Learn to handle important technical basics of socially-responsible source-management in the digital age.

Please note that the number of seats is limited to 30 participants. First come, first serve.