The Collective Journey: A Dynamic New Storytelling Model | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 29.05.2017
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The Collective Journey: A Dynamic New Storytelling Model

hosted by Deutsche Welle

Power Talk by Jeff Gomez, Transmedia Expert, CEO, Starlight Runner

Collective Journey, as observed by Jeff Gomez, one of the world’s leading story experts, is a new modality of storytelling that has emerged and has tremendous impact on the digital age. The participative, non-linear narratives of Collective Journey are a response to how pervasive communications have supremely impacted classic linear storytelling, giving rise to remarkable — some say unexplainable and even frightening — developments in consumer behaviour, media, politics, and world events. 

The Collective Journey model explains some of the striking and far-reaching changes that are happening across the globe, such as rapid self-organized social systems (Black Lives Matter, the take down of the Confederate Flag), seismic socio-political change (the Arab Spring, Brexit, Trump, Erdogan), and major corporations brought low by instant public backlash (Pepsi, United Airlines, Fox News). Collective Journey elements can also be found in entertainment, particularly in the rise of transmedia story worlds such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars. 

Those who understand the fundamental components of Collective Journey narratives will be empowered to anticipate and deal with these disruptions, and those who learn how to develop, produce, and communicate these narratives will find extraordinary success. Jeff Gomez and his Starlight Runner team has tested its proprietary Collective Journey engine with clients in the field, and he is now prepared to share his experience.