The DW Global Media Forum | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 29.08.2023
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The DW Global Media Forum

What is it that we acually are and do?

The DW Global Media Forum offers a unique interdisciplinary platform for media professionals as well as decision-makers from politics, civil society, culture, education, business, and science from all over the world to get together and to learn from each other as part of an intercultural exchange since 2008. 

In June 2023, we welcomed 2,000 participants, including 150+ speakers, from more than 100 countries in Bonn, Germany and online for the 17th edition of the conference, on "Overcoming divisions." Thank you to everyone who shaped these two intense days!

And stay tuned: #GMF24 will take place on June 17-18, 2024. We look forward to having you join us again.