The program schedule on my TV is wrong, whom should I contact? | FAQs about DW's TV offers | DW | 19.11.2021
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The program schedule on my TV is wrong, whom should I contact?

Depending on how you receive Deutsche Welle 's program, please note the following information:

Short term changes cannot be regarded. For longer lasting problems, please note:

When receiving Deutsche Welle's program via a local partner station, e.g. a cable provider or satellite provider, please get in touch with your provider’s customer service first of all. 
In this case the provider or its affiliated service partners are responsible for the correct display of the program schedule. 
DW cannot change the displayed schedule.
If you like, you can inform us about the response of your provider via the email address mentioned below.

When receiving DW's program directly via satellite (direct to your home), please send in specific examples. We need the air date, air time, name of the show that was displayed in the schedule, name of the show that was on air instead, the name of the satellite you are tuned in to and the program language. Please send your message to the email address mentioned below. 


If you have further questions, please contact us: