At the heart of Europe | Homepage of DW's corporate website. | DW | 04.04.2003
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About DW

At the heart of Europe

Commissioned to provide listeners and viewers abroad a comprehensive picture of life in Germany and to present and explain the German position on important issues.

DW-TV in Berlin

DW-TV in Berlin

Deutsche Welle (DW) was commissioned to "provide listeners and viewers abroad a comprehensive picture of political, cultural and economic life in Germany and to present and explain the German position on important issues." This is how the 1997 "Deutsche Welle Law" defines the programme mission of Germany's international broadcasting service.

As a major commercial and cultural centre in the heart of Europe and as a nation with growing political influence, Germany has a vital interest in providing the world with an authentic picture of itself and its way of life.

Independence and credibility ensured by free and responsible journalism - these are the identifying characteristics of DW.

Two-thirds of the human race live under authoritarian or totalitarian regimes which deny their citizens fundamental freedom of the press, of information, and expression. As a "Voice of Freedom", DW is a guarantor of objective, unfiltered information in these countries and, in particular, in regions of conflict and crisis.

DW is an indispensable instrument for intercultural dialogue. As Germany's most far-reaching media and cultural institution, DW has a special obligation to promote and nurture the German language.

Core Competence

DW's core competence is reflected in its multi-medial programming in more than 30 languages and its special emphasis on news and information:

  • DW-TV: current affairs broadcast around the world in German, English and Spanish;
  • GERMAN TV: the German language channel - a best-of-selection of Germany's public TV stations
    (starting 1 March 2002)
  • DW-RADIO: for listeners in German and 29 foreign languages - from Amharic and Urdu to Bengali and Ukrainian.
  • DW-WORLD.DE: newly-positioned, multimedia Internet programming in 31 languages.

Target Groups

DW focuses on people around the world with an interest in Germany and Europe, in particular opinion leaders and the so-called "information elite". The programmes are designed for people learning German, people who already speak German and people interested in Germany. Germans, living abroad temporarily or permanently, use DW, too, as a "bridge to home".


Some 1,500 employees from 70 countries work at headquarters in Cologne and in the German capital Berlin in the individual language services and in technical support and administration. In addition, DW maintains external studios in Washington, Moscow and Brussels and co-operates closely with the network of correspondents operated by the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

By the way, DW headquarters is scheduled to move from Cologne to the former German capital in Bonn in spring of 2003.


Some 97 million adults over 15 years of age know DW-TV, 210 million are familiar with DW-RADIO. Around 22 million people watch DW-TV regularly and 28 million listeners tune in to DW-RADIO on a regular basis. Nearly 700,000 listeners and viewers wrote to us in 2000 - a new record. DW-TV can be received world-wide in more than 128 million households via cable or "direct-to-home" reception. More than 4,200 partner stations around the world transmit DW programming in part or in its entirety as so-called rebroadcasters.


DW is a public broadcaster and member of the Syndicate of Public Broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD). Funding is allocated by the federal government from tax revenues. The DW budget for 2002 is about 285 million Euro. Director-general: Erik Bettermann.

EINSCHRÄNKUNG DW Personenfoto | Corporate Communications | Carla Hagemann

Carla Hagemann

Corporate Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications


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