Bringing people together: The global power of virtual formats in higher education | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 11.03.2015
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Bringing people together: The global power of virtual formats in higher education

hosted by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Tuesday, June 23 / Room C

Universities will increasingly transform into real and digital “educational hubs”, where different people, languages and cultures come together to learn, meet and interact in real and virtual environments. With leading experts from Africa and Europe, this workshop will explore the role of digital learning (e-learning, mobile learning, blended learning) in the global dialogue and its growing relevance for the process of internationalization in higher education.

A short introduction to the digital learning landscape will be followed by the presentation of a best-practice example from an African project in higher education. This will serve as a basis to discuss the following topics:

1) Technological trends: The panelists will present the most important milestones in the development of technical infrastructure over the next five years. Using the example of an African university, they will discuss the technological impact for universities aiming to identify areas for action to increase their competitiveness.
2) Skills development: The presenters will discuss how universities can ensure that all teachers and students who pass through their doors are fully Internet-literate and understand how to use the Internet and digital learning formats. Together with workshop participants, they will develop a skills development roadmap including the most important technological and cultural aspects of digital learning. Methods of training through all stages of the learning lifecycle will be considered. The workshop will discuss e-collaboration scenarios and the challenge to engage international teachers and students in a meaningful dialogue. In conclusion participants will evaluate the role of digital teaching and learning formats in developing international curricula.
3) Quality assurance: Workshop panelists will analyze the global quality impact of digital learning in higher education. After showing existing standards and guidelines for quality assurance in digital learning we will develop visions carrying out e-tests and e-assessments for an international audience.

The discussion will be facilitated by alumni, students, IT specialists and experienced instructors. Panelists and participants are invited to contribute their personal experiences to the workshop.