Deutsche Welle: Significant increase in usage figures in 2023 | Press | DW | 25.10.2023
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Deutsche Welle: Significant increase in usage figures in 2023

In 2023, DW generated 320 million weekly user contacts with its journalistic offerings, an increase of 29 million (or ten percent) from last year.

Video is the dominant medium when it comes to using DW's offerings, accounting for 80 percent of this year's total usage. Much of this usage comes from regional TV distribution partners that carry DW's programming, as well as from DW's TV channels and digital platforms. These platforms account for the majority of user contacts:  

- TV distribution partners: 102 million
- DW's TV channels: 32 million 
- YouTube: 32 million 
- Facebook: 28 million 
- Instagram: 15 million 
- Josh: 14 million 
- TikTok: 10 million

The infographic show the weekly usage of DW's top three broadcast languages: English (117 million user contacts), Spanish (46 million) and Arabic (38 million).

Weekly usage of DW's top three broadcast languages

Weekly usage of audio content totals 51 million user contacts, while text content totals 12 million. English, Spanish and Arabic continue to be the most successful of DW's 32 broadcast languages. 

Increased usage in key target regions 

GMF2021 | Speaker | Peter Limbourg

Peter Limbourg, Director General

Director General Peter Limbourg: "Achieving a ten percent increase in our overall usage in times of growing censorship and Internet blockades is an important testament to DW's global relevance. My thanks go to all DW employees. Their dedication has made this strong growth possible. Our target audience in countries where press freedom is under threat can rely on free information from DW." 

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region with the highest DW usage, with 91 million user contacts, an increase of 7 million compared to 2022. More than a quarter of all DW users live in the region, with TV video content being the main driver of growth. Successful formats such as Eco Africa and The 77 Percent in the regional languages Hausa and English attracted new users in 2023. Another interesting trend reflected in the figures: For the first time an equal number of people in the traditionally strong radio region used audio and video services. 

In Latin America, DW currently generates 51 million weekly user contacts, 6 million more than in the previous year. Thanks to the successful DW Español and DW Documental channels, Latin America is DW's region with the highest YouTube usage.

The infographic illustrates DW's weekly usage in important target regions. In Latin America, DW currently generates 51 million weekly user contacts. In Sub-Saharan Africa, DW generates 91 million user contacts and in Asia, it generates 55 million.

Weekly usage in important target regions

Highest usage growth in Asia 

Asia is the region with the strongest growth in 2023: 55 million weekly user contacts – an increase of 18 million compared to 2022. The platform with the most significant increase in usage here is the Indian short video provider Josh, where DW offers video content in English, Hindi and Tamil, reaching 14 million users this year.  

Dr. Nadja Scholz | Programmdirektorin der Deutschen Welle

Nadja Scholz, Managing Director of Programming

Managing Director of Programming Nadja Scholz: "The increase in video usage shows that our strategy is working: We are able to reach the target group exactly where they are looking for relevant information in their preferred language. And we do it with content that is relevant to them and that they can only get from DW. Our success on the Indian social media platform Josh is an excellent example of this." 

The Market and Audience Insights (MAI) team is responsible for collecting the data. MAI is a member of the Conference of International Broadcasters' Audience Research Services (CIBAR). Members of CIBAR include DW and other international broadcasters such as Radio France Internationale, BBC, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. They agree on standards for global media research. 

DW is Germany's international broadcaster. As an independent media outlet, it provides unbiased news and information in 32 languages around the world so that people can form their own opinions. DW's work focuses on topics such as freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule of law, world trade and social justice, health education and environmental protection, technology and innovation. DW's TV, online and radio services generate 320 million user contacts every week.

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Edited by Ala Zainalabidean

EINSCHRÄNKUNG DW Personenfoto | Corporate Communications | Carla Hagemann

Carla Hagemann

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