Diversity Every Day: DW celebrates diversity | Press | DW | 07.06.2022
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Diversity Every Day: DW celebrates diversity

With a day focusing on the topic of diversity in the German program and an internal diversity week with a variety of events, DW showed its dedication to the topic around German Diversity Day (DDT) on May 31.

Felix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism attended as a prominent guest speaker.

Program highlights on the DW German TV channel were the documentaries "I was born in Berlin – A man with the memories of a woman", "Der lange Weg der Sinti und Roma" [The long journey of Sinti and Roma] and "Rassismus Down Under Gewalt gegen Aborigines" [Racism down under: Violence against Aborigines]. TV magazines "Reporter" and "Euromaxx Spezial" were also dedicated to diversity-related topics. Internally, employees organized numerous, predominantly virtual discussion rounds.

The diversity website also offers up-to-date pieces and information on LGBTQI+ topics, women's and girls' rights, age discrimination and disability in addition to Diversity week.

Zahra Nedjabat, Head of Diversity and International Relations: "We live and experience diversity at DW every day. We want to further promote this diversity, make it visible and engage in exchange. Not only externally, but above all internally with our colleagues. We are delighted that so many DW employees have used the meeting areas online and on site in Bonn and Berlin to take part in the discussion."

Gerda Meuer, Managing Director Programming: "Diversity protects us from monotony – and gives audiences what they look for with us: different perspectives on a topic, realism and reports that point to solutions."

Diversity Hacks and a Live Debate on Gender Equality

Under the motto "It's time to talk!" Zahra Nedjabat welcomed participants to German Diversity Day for the internal discussion series "Perspektiv:Wechsel" on the topic of gender equality. Guests included Gerda Meuer, Managing Director Programming, and Richard Majer, Director of IT and Media Systems.

Dr. Petra Maass, freelance mentor for mental health, reported in an event about her experiences in the field of neurodiversity. Other sessions included age discrimination and a best practice example from the DW Africa services, which employ people from 40 nations.

Guest lecture by the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism

The Diversity Week concluded on June 3 with a session featuring guest speaker Felix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism on the topic of "Anti-Semitism in Germany: Challenges for a pluralistic society". Klein explained the Federal Government's definition of anti-Semitism and spoke about Jewish life in Germany and anti-Semitism in journalistic reporting.

Since 2011, DW has been one of the members of the German employers' initiative Charta der Vielfalt. The DDT, which was founded by the association, has achieved a lot in its ten-year history; not only within, but also outside of Germany. In line with the DDT 2020, the European Diversity Month was launched by the European Commission. The aim is to raise awareness throughout the EU of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society.

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