'Don't Drink the Milk': New DW Podcast reveals the unexpected in everyday things | Press | DW | 18.10.2023
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'Don't Drink the Milk': New DW Podcast reveals the unexpected in everyday things

For DW's new English-language podcast Don't Drink the Milk, host Rachel Stewart will be traveling through Europe to get to the bottom of everyday terms, things and phrases.

Many everyday things that we think we know well have an unexpected origin story, and DW's new podcast Don't Drink the Milk explores just that. For example, how did drinking milk spread in certain parts of the world in the first place? How did we invent the postal code system? And what do all these things tell us about people and their cultures? In answering these questions, the podcast playfully links historical incidents and curiosities to current debates.  

All episodes will be available on all major podcast platforms and DW's new YouTube channel, DW Podcasts

Rachel Stewart, best known as the longtime host of DW's successful Meet the Germans video series, sees podcasting as the ideal tool for sharing knowledge: "Podcasting is such a rich, intimate medium for storytelling. There’s so much scope for bringing historical topics to life. The stories we follow reveal surprising connections between countries, cultures and eras. It’s a reminder that, even for everyday things we often take for granted, there’s usually more to it than meets the eye."

Rachel Stewart, Don't Drink the Milk, podcast

DW host Rachel Stewart: "Podcasting is such a rich, intimate medium for storytelling."

Stories that connect the past to the present  

The team travels to a different country for each episode and takes listeners to Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Greece, among other places. Exciting tales from outside Europe – such as Trinidad and Tobago, the USA and India – are also woven into each episode. 

Rolf Rische, Director of Culture and Documentaries: "Through her excellent reporting skills, creativity, humor and distinctive style, Rachel Stewart has become a well-known face of DW with a large fan base. Rachel's new podcast series is once again original, unexpected and exciting. She certainly has her work cut out for her as she continues to answer the central and difficult question of 'What's behind it?' throughout the podcast. This is top-notch journalism and podcasting at its best. I'm looking forward to it."  

The 30- to 40-minute episodes will be released weekly on Tuesdays starting October 17, 2023, on DW Podcasts and will also be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other prominent podcast and audio platforms.

Don't Drink the Milk – Coming Soon!

In addition to Don't Drink the Milk, the new DW Podcasts YouTube channel features DW's English-language podcasts Science Unscripted, Living Planet, On the Green Fence, Cannabis Cowboys, World in Progress, Inside Europe, and African Roots.

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