DW and Proton enter into VPN partnership | Press | DW | 06.03.2023
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DW and Proton enter into VPN partnership

DW is bringing its users a VPN they can trust to handle their data with care. Thanks to the partnership with Proton, the DW target audience has yet another secure way to access DW content and the free, open Internet.

By partnering with Proton, DW is redoubling its dedication to its mission of providing news and information to people worldwide and giving them the freedom to make up their minds. Proton is one of the only virtual private network (VPN) providers with a "no logs policy". This means Proton does not track or record the online activity of their users and does not disclose this information to third parties. The company is based in Switzerland and is subject to some of the world's strictest data privacy laws. Due to Switzerland's special status as a neutral nation, no other governments can force Proton to divulge any information, either. 

"We are very happy to be partnering with a company that is just as dedicated as we at DW are to protecting the online privacy of activists, journalists and others while providing them with free, unrestricted access to the open Internet," says Guido Baumhauer, Managing Director of Distribution, Marketing and Technology at DW. "And the fact that they handle their users' data according to very high security standards is a definite plus, enabling us to recommend to our users to work with Proton as well." 

Powerful tool against Internet censorship

The DW logo will be visible to Proton users when they choose the DW sponsored server. This will provide them with direct, unlimited, high-speed access to the DW website including all livestreaming and video-on-demand content. Conversely, DW will promote the VPN through its offerings to its own users – especially those in markets experiencing Internet censorship. "With Proton, we have another invaluable tool to work against Internet censorship that is already in high use in censored markets," says Ingo Mannteufel, Head of IT and Cybersecurity at DW. "Thanks to its secure core architecture, high-strength, end-to-end encryption and other advanced security features, Proton VPN provides users with a robust and reliable way to circumvent Internet censorship around the world." 

Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of Proton, said: “Free access to information is under attack on a scale that we haven't seen before. Authoritarian governments the world over are routinely censoring and blocking international news outlets, limiting their citizens' access to information and shutting down dissent. It's vital today to stand up for the rights of those living under these regimes. DW has a long history of defending free speech, as does Proton VPN, and we're looking forward to working together to unblock access to the truth everywhere in the world." 

Secure connection to unlimited high-speed multimedia content 

Proton VPN offers a secure VPN that sends users' internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so their passwords and confidential data stay safe regardless of the internet connection. Proton VPN has more than 1700 servers across 64 countries and is optimized for both performance and privacy, with high speed servers that use the company's accelerator technology to provide up to 400 percent more speed. 

The partnership began with a soft launch last quarter, enabling users around the world to make use of the offering. 

EINSCHRÄNKUNG DW Personenfoto | Corporate Communications | Carla Hagemann

Carla Hagemann

Corporate Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications


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