DW Global Media Forum 2024: Sharing solutions | DW's international conference: Global Media Forum. | DW | 05.01.2024
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DW Global Media Forum 2024: Sharing solutions

On June 17 and 18, DW's annual conference will pursue ways to build stronger foundations for journalism in volatile times. We will seek solutions to master the major trials and tribulations in media, together.

A bird's-eye view of the plenary hall at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) - the site of Germany's former parliamentary building

The venue of the DW Global Media Forum is almost as iconic as the event itself

The world order as we know it is under pressure at every turn: Democracy is on the defensive amid rising authoritarianism; bloody conflicts are costing countless lives around the globe and the effects of the climate catastrophe have become more than tangible. 

In addition to all this, journalism also has to address a growing number of problems in its own right — from the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the public's dwindling trust in news. The risk of succumbing to not only the increasing burden but also to resignation is becoming dangerously real amid the intensifying obstacle course we are all facing. 

But what solutions are there to get us out of this permanent crisis mode? How can we work together to secure the future of our profession, avoid the pitfalls of apathy and instead, seek solutions and strategies out of this state of affairs?

Sharing solutions

From June 17 – 18, 2024, media professionals from more than 120 countries will join decision-makers from civil society and the worlds of politics, culture, education, business, and science from around the globe in Bonn, seeking and Sharing solutions — the official theme of the DW Global Media Forum 2024

Presenter Liz Shoo is seen with DW Director General Peter Limbourg during the 2023 edition of the DW Global Media Forum

DW's Director General Peter Limbourg (r.) takes great pride in the Global Media Forum, referring to it as one his greatest highlights of the year

Hosted once again at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB), former seat of the German parliament, the forum will offer a dynamic platform for interaction, exchange, workshops and networking for the roughly 2,000 annual participants and 150+ speakers.

Since 2008, the DW Global Media Forum has been offering a unique interdisciplinary platform for media professionals to learn from each other as part of an intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

Digital attacks against free speech

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are building blocks for all democratic societies. But with the intensifying onrush of both misinformation and disinformation, lies seem to have become the preferred currency of online information today.  

Can Dundar speaking at the DW Global Media Forum 2023

Exiled Turkish journalist Can Dundar was among the speakers of the DW Global Media Forum 2023

AI and deep-fakes are now adding to these challenges with their potential to manipulate the very fabric of our reality. Against this backdrop, journalists continue to face accusations of intentionally controlling the news agenda. How can journalists best navigate the course towards trust and truth — and how can we use these new technologies in our favor? 

How do we confront future challenges brought on by technology and social trends? And what messages of hope are there to be found amid this onslaught of bad news, both on and off-screen.  

Where the future of journalism takes shape 

In this current climate of distrust and isolationism, the idea of democratic participation as a social imperative is also facing new challenges. Even on social media, people are growing less involved politically, while extremist positions are gaining traction. 

How can the political participation of citizens be strengthened at all levels — local, national and international — and what role can journalism play to that end? How can the safety of both citizens and reporters be ensured in such a volatile digital landscape? 

Maria Ressa speaking at the 2022 DW Global Media Forum

Nobel Laureate Maria Ressa was among the 2022 attendants of the DW Global Media Forum

This is why another focus of the DW Global Media Forum 2024 will be on the physical, psychological and legal wellbeing and safety of media professionals as well as on their economic sustainability. How can the media and other players create a safer environment and more secure structures for journalists in times of crisis? 

We believe that only a constructive approach can solve these challenges, with an emphasis on best practices and hands-on advice.

These are just some of the main topics we will be highlighting: 

Artificial — and intelligent   

Chat GPT and Midjourney are yesterday's and AI is here to stay. But what exactly is the next frontier in the world of Artificial Intelligence? How can journalists benefit from machine learning tools rather than worrying about the security of their jobs? What impact will AI have on future elections? And how reliablle are laws and regulations around the globe that are designed to ensure that the proverbial robot apocalypse does not happen?

Perpetual war for perpetual peace?

Journalists covering news from war zones have become a ubiquitous sight, and not only on the daily news. But is this part of our new reality as reporters in general? Is everyone, to some extent, a war correspondent, as conflicts now inform political decisions around the world? Is security training enough to cope in hostile environments, or do news organizations need to do more? 

At panel is seen speaking at a production of DW's JaafarTalk program during the DW Global Media Forum in 2023

You can expect lively debates, heated interactions and insightful moments at the DW Global Media Forum

On the move: reporting on migration   

From the Rio Grande to the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Bengal, migration has become a constant. As conflicts amass and drive displacement, migration movements are on the rise once again. From terminologies to legal considerations, there's a quagmire of issues that journalists working on this beat must bear in mind. Should there be different approaches between reporting "on" migrants and reporting "for" migrants? What responsibilities do reporters have when they cover these events — and why do they have them?  

Surviving — and thriving — in journalism

Do journalists necessarily have to "suffer" for their art, or can a career path in the news be both lucrative and fulfilling? As media organizations continue to reinvent themselves in the digital era, can reporters go rogue and discover their own ways to maximize profits, making their careers more viable? What business skills are needed for those who wish to start their own digital formats? We seek answers from innovators from around the world.  

Vista of Bonn featuring the WCCB, UN Campus and DW

The World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) is flanked by the UN Campus in Bonn and the headquarters of Deutsche Welle (DW)

Join us on June 17 and 18 in Bonn, Germany for the DW Global Media Forum 2024. For more details and digital networking opportunities, please follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and X, and subscribe to our newsletter

We look forward to seeing you and to Sharing solutions with you at the DW Global Media Forum 2024.