DW sheds light on the world’s coasts at MIPCOM 2013 | DW's distribution possibilities | DW | 02.10.2013
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Business & Sales

DW sheds light on the world’s coasts at MIPCOM 2013

DW Transtel is offering several unique highlights at this year’s MIPCOM, with a tour of some of the world’s most beautiful seaside towns and an in-depth look at why and what we buy.

DW Transtel is known for its unique perspectives and eye for details. At this year’s MIPCOM, this will once again be brought to the forefront with the introduction of two new titles: Life’s a Beach and Tricks of the Trade.

Life’s a Beach (documentary available in Arabic, English and Spanish, 7 X 30') lets viewers experience classic seaside towns, first-hand. From Biarritz and Usedom in the heart of Europe to famed Copacabana and everywhere in between.

Tricks of the Trade (documentary available in Arabic, English and Spanish, 7 X 30') gives viewers an in-depth look at why and what we buy. It provides customers with information about how goods are produced and marketed – from harmful additives and waste to misleading marketing strategies.

“As a producer of informative content, we have always been successful at providing viewers with new perspectives on the world around them,” said Petra Schneider, DW’s Director of Distribution. “The diversity of programming that DW Transtel offers only reflects the diverse interests of our audiences worldwide.”

For more information about DW Transtel and its programming, visit Booth 19.14. at MIPCOM 2013 from October 7-10.

Additional highlights for this year’s MIPCOM:

  • Let’s Go Wild (documentary - 7 x 30')

The series shares extraordinary images of animals and their natural habitats – from rainforests, savannas and mountains to the depths of the oceans. Available in Arabic, English and Spanish.

  • 50 Years of Bundesliga (documentary, 5 x 30’ min)

Relive the five decades of intense action, with the legendary matches, players and clubs that have helped make the Bundesliga one of Europe’s best soccer leagues. Available in English.

  • Europe 28 (documentary - 28 x 5')

A unique look at the capitals of the European Union’s 28 member nations. With the help of locals from Amsterdam to Zagreb, we explore places you won’t find in any guidebook. Available in Arabic, English, German and Spanish.

  • Euromaxx Clipmania (clips and animation - 52 x 10' – 5' without narration)

The Euromaxx team assembles the best, funniest, most gripping and breathtaking clips from the world of online videos. Sit back, relax and see what the online world has to offer.

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