DW: Tips for bypassing Internet censorship | Press | DW | 10.03.2022
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DW: Tips for bypassing Internet censorship

In order to continue providing independent information to users in Russia, DW is redoubling its efforts to promote a broad range of tools and methods for bypassing censorship.

In his letter to users on March 4, Director General Peter Limbourg asked DW's audience in Russia to use Internet block bypass tools to access our channels. This overview shows which tools are available and provides a quick guide on how to find and use them.

The DW App

Anyone who has already downloaded the DW App can simply activate the "Proxy" option under "Settings" to gain access to content that would otherwise be blocked.

To make sure it remains reachable, download an update from Google Play for Android smartphones or in the App Store for Apple devices.

The Tor Browser

DW users can download the Tor browser to access the DW website and other online content. Short for "the onion router", Tor ensures anonymity when users are surfing. While all sites are accessible, only the sites with so-called "onion services" are completely anonymous.

  • Users can download Tor by sending an empty e-mail to gettor@torproject.org. They will then receive an automatic response with a download link.
  • IMPORTANT: To make sure the browser works in Russia, open the browser settings and select "Use a bridge" under "Bridges" and request one from torproject.org.

The Psiphon bypassing tool

DW also uses the censorship bypassing tool Psiphon to enable users to access content from DW and other platforms that would otherwise be blocked in their home markets.

  • Users just need to send an empty e-mail to dw-w@psiphon3.com. Like with Tor, they will receive an automatic response with a download link for Psiphon.
  • This will allow users to access any other website that may have been blocked such as Facebook or Twitter.

Downloads for Psiphon via DW increased ninefold in the days immediately following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, proving that the tool is a helpful one. Additionally, the DW Russian-language pages have seen a considerable increase in traffic from a broad range of countries that are usually connected to VPN traffic.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks can be a valuable tool in circumventing censors. Information on how to use VPNs and what to watch out for can be found on dw.com.

  • VPNs can be used to connect a private computer from within a non-free government-controlled network to a server on the free Internet.
  • Security can be an issue, as not all VPN providers maintain privacy to the same degree.
  • When in doubt, users should download Tor to ensure their data is safe.

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