DW's German language courses: "Nicos Weg" is now available in Polish and French | DW's press releases | DW | 22.04.2020
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DW's German language courses: "Nicos Weg" is now available in Polish and French

Learning has gone digital in times of Covid-19. With DW's online offer, it's not only easy but also entertaining to learn German at home. Nicos Weg, the German language course, is now also available in Polish and French.

Nico is 22 years old and has just dropped out of university when he arrives in Germany, ostensibly to visit his aunt Yara. But when he arrives at the airport, he loses her address and has to fend for himself alone – without knowing a word of German. Nico experiences many situations, all of which he has to master in the new-to-him language. He takes the students of German along with him on his journey to learn German.

The award-winning e-learning course Nicos Weg , created in the style of a telenovela, is now also available in French and Polish. "With our expanded online offer, we want to create the opportunity for even more people to use their time at home in a meaningful and entertaining way," says André Moeller, Head of Educational Programs at DW Akademie.

DW MA-Bild André Moeller

André Moeller

The online course is equally suitable for beginners and advanced learners and provides educational content in an entertaining and true-to-life way. The translation into source languages such as Arabic, Brazilian, English, Farsi, Russian, Spanish and now also Polish and French makes it easy for a worldwide audience to learn German. Around six hours of video material with 228 lessons and many thousands of interactive exercises are available online free of charge – all, of course, smartphone and tablet compatible.

The diverse DW offer enjoys great popularity with a reach of around two million visits per month and over 20 million page impressions. "We offer German learners from around the world quick and easy access to the German language," says Moeller.

In addition to the foundational language course Nicos Weg, DW also produces other language learning materials, including, among others, daily updated and didactically prepared news . Everyday vocabulary and pronunciation can be practiced with the multimedia Deutschtrainer .

This is DW's complete free offer for learning German

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