Eco Brasil: DW's new environmental magazine for Brazil launches on World Environment Day, June 5 | Press | DW | 05.06.2023
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Eco Brasil: DW's new environmental magazine for Brazil launches on World Environment Day, June 5

Available on Box Brazil Play and the pay-TV channel Prime Box Brazil, the format is aimed at young audiences in Brazil and offers solutions for sustainable practices and the future.

Eco Brasil joins DW's other successful environmental magazines, Eco Africa and Eco India, whose content is designed to raise awareness about the environment, climate change and sustainability among young audiences.

With a focus on encouraging people to engage with fundamental environmental issues, Eco Brasil aims to provide information closely related to the daily lives of young people in Brazil on food, consumption, mobility, fashion and the impact of climate change. It also provides innovative solutions and perspectives, creating a link between nature and the city, urban and rural areas.

The show is hosted by environmental engineer Aline Matulja and journalist Edu Carvalho. Aline Matulja, who has worked for many years on socio-ecological water and environmental protection projects, hosts the show from Ubatuba. Edu Carvalho brings an urban perspective to the issues, having grown up in one of Brazil's largest favelas, Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro.

Vanessa Fischer, Head of DW Environment: "It was very important for us to develop a format that addresses users at eye level, without fueling the polarization that is so pronounced on the environment in Brazil. There is a great need for information and constructive journalism. Aline and Edu convey this in a very natural and authentic way."

Sylvia Viljoen, Head of DW Distribution America: "It is an excellent opportunity to distribute the new program Eco Brasil through the national platform Box Brazil Play and a wide network of partner stations in Brazil."

Emphasizing the importance of raising environmental awareness, especially among younger generations, Claudia Dreyer, Director, Special Projects at Box Brazil says: "Eco Brasil gets to the heart of the matter and shows practical solutions for a sustainable future that we can apply in our daily lives."

The launch will be accompanied by a live partner event and a social media collaboration between DW Brasil and Box Brazil Media Group. Eco Brasil will also air this fall on the Brazilian channel TV Cultura and other established DW partners, as well as DW's own channels.

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