ENTR: a new multilingual digital media offer for young Europeans  | Press | DW | 29.03.2021
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ENTR: a new multilingual digital media offer for young Europeans 

What’s next / Et après? / Was jetzt? / Ce urmează? / I co dalej? / E agora? 

Deutsche Welle and France Médias Monde, in partnership with media outlets in six European countries, are introducing ENTR, a new digital video offer for 18- to 34-year-olds which will go live on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook by this summer. 
The ENTR website is up (entr.net) and featuring various topics it intends to regularly cover in the project’s six languages (English, French, German, Romanian, Polish and Portuguese).

Mobile first strategy

This “mobile first” offer is geared towards young users on social networks and elsewhere on the Internet. We are reaching out to them in their mother tongue, with new digital formats and narratives to present facts. 
ENTR reports will cover climate, employment, solidarity, culture, emerging technologies and more. They will be produced, adapted or reinvented in each language and are designed to start conversations across Europe, bridging the gap between different languages. They are also designed to foster dialogue about the main concerns of this generation, while embracing everything that makes them different and to nurture the awareness of their European identity.
Several recent studies* show that young people expect Europe to drive initiatives in education and environmental protection, but also in economic development and health. Societal issues that such as migration and justice also keenly interest the youth. 

Speaking to the youth in all of its diversity

ENTR’s editorial teams will address these topics. By speaking to the youth in all of its diversity and encouraging its wide-ranging creativity, ENTR hopes to provide it with keys to see the future more clearly. ENTR will be available to everyone who speaks its languages and provide the rest of the world with an interactive media window into Europe. 
The name ENTR was chosen from among several proposals by 1,500 youths aged 18 to 35 in five European countries. ENTR conjures up positive ideas, relates to the digital world and alludes to the notion of participation.

Unique pan-European cooperation 

This project builds on a longstanding cooperation between Deutsche Welle and France Médias Monde aimed at delivering reliable information in several European languages. ENTR’s young international and diverse editorial teams can rely on both international groups’ infrastructure and resources as well as on the diversity and skills of its European partners on this project.
The project is co-financed by the European Union and Germany's Federal Foreign Office. Its goal for the future is an expansion with more languages and new partners that might join this pan-European project. 

Marie-Christine Saragosse und DW-Intendant Peter Limbourg

Director Generals of FMM and DW Marie-Christine Saragosse und Peter Limbourg

DW Director General Peter Limbourg: “We are excited to launch the ENTR project today, the result of unique pan-European teamwork. This cross-border collaboration of media outlets and organizations from six countries will allow us to leverage our individual strengths, diversity and reach to foster greater engagement among young Europeans. Through an exchange of expertise and knowledge, we can meet the needs of our target audience.” 

Marie-Christine Saragosse, Chairwoman and CEO of France Médias Monde: “We are looking forward to soon launching ENTR. It is the result of a collaborative effort between France Médias Monde and Deutsche Welle to provide young Europeans with a digital media outlet that resonates with them. The teams, which are currently pushing the project through the production phase, are developing this new offer of social media friendly video content to start conversations and nurture engagement. These contents will overcome language barriers: after all, multilingualism and translation are the very nature of Europe and the key to dialogue! ENTR is designed by young journalists working with Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Irish partners – and that list is bound to grow longer as the project continues to thrive over the years.”

ENTR Project Director Patrick Leusch, Deutsche Welle: “The main objective of the ENTR initiative is to raise a greater awareness about European visions, realities and values and to spark a lively debate among young citizens. ENTR will provide a participatory forum and connect people across the EU member states.”

ENTR Head of Content Gönna Ketels, Deutsche Welle: “Our multicultural and multilingual editorial teams will produce innovative and inspiring journalism that reaches many young Europeans. Our target audiences are interested in diverse topics that will define their future – from migration to environment. We will address these issues and open a space for dialogue that respects differences and celebrates what we have in common.”

In addition to Deutsche Welle (GERMANY), which is coordinating the project, and France Médias Monde (FRANCE), ENTR was launched with the following partners: 
PORTUGAL: RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal);
POLAND: RASP (Ringier Axel Springer Polska); 
ROMANIA: RFI România (France Médias Monde Group) and G4 Media (Group 4 Media Freedom and Democracy);
IRELAND: Tailored Films;
GERMANY: Zeit Online; Genshagen Foundation and Good Conversations
* Survey sources: Eurobarometer survey (2018), Youth Study by TUI Stiftung (2019), GlobalWebIndex study (2019/2020)

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