Moodring: ENTR launches new format | Press | DW | 30.01.2023
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Moodring: ENTR launches new format

The video series features young people discussing disputed topics that affect and stir them. DW and France Médias Monde, in partnership with other European media outlets, launched the digital plattform ENTR in 2021.

The main visual for the video series is the eponymous mood ring, a mood meter that measures the proverbial "temperature" in the studio during the discussion: if the mood ring is red, both people agree with a statement. The mood has turned "icy" when the mood ring turns blue and the participants have taken opposing positions. Each episode is dedicated to one topic, for example climate and climate change, the sense and nonsense of monarchies or the coexistence of Jewish and Arab people.    

Lukas Hansen, ENTR Editorial Lead: "When we thought of Moodring, we aimed to create a format that does not shy away from controversial issues. It is important that we show that no discourse is black and white. The mood ring shows that even people who at first glance have little in common agree on at least some aspects. Unlike many other talk formats, there is no host to steal the show; the focus is on dialogue." 

Manuela Kasper-Claridge, DW editor-in-chief: "The format tackles controversial topics that reflect the reality of our young target group – and thus also their conflicts. The 'mood ring' makes these conflicts visible, but also shows the commonalities. The open, sometimes very controversial exchange makes those watching reflect. It’s a courageous and innovative format. My congratulations go to the Moodring team."

Close cooperation within DW

The first episode is about whether or not Jews and Arabs can be friends with each other. From whom does anti-Semitism emanate? Where does hatred against people of Arab descent exist? The production team received extensive support for this episode from DW's Expert Team on Antisemitism and Israel/Palestinian Territories.  

Individual episodes are also produced and adapted in Arabic. 

ENTR is funded by the European Union and the German Foreign Office. The aim of the media initiative is to promote European youth exchange, raise awareness of a common identity and at the same time present the diversity of perspectives in Europe.

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