New paths to learning German | Press | DW | 04.07.2012
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New paths to learning German

On July 5, Deutsche Welle (DW) began season two of its telenovela for German learners: "Jojo sucht das Glück" (Jojo's Search for Happiness), which premiered at the International German Olympics (IDO) in Frankfurt.

Love, intrigue and German - that's the formula with which "Jojo sucht das Glück" has won over its viewers. From the start of the first season in July 2010, a growing community of fans has followed the story about a Brazilian student named Jojo. Teachers and learners across the world appreciate this new format for learning a language, and they communicate with Jojo on Facebook. The concept also won over the jury of the German Network of E-Learning Protagonists (D-ELAN). The association honored the Jojo telenovela with its innovation prize at the start of 2011. "A well-rounded e-learning package with custom-tailored use of various media and learning formats," the jury said in its decision. DW's diverse offerings for German learners reach more than five million users monthly. Promoting the German language is part of Deutsche Welle's statutory mission as Germany’s international broadcaster.

Compared with the last season, much has changed in the second season of the telenovela. There are new protagonists and new focal points. Jojo gets a job as a waitress and learns some of the ins and outs of Germany's drinking culture. And as an intern at an event management agency, she has to get used to the challenges of career life. Jojo also has important decisions to make in her private life: Will she give a relationship with her friend Mark another chance, or will she choose to follow a new love interest?

"By way of an international love relationship, we make learning grammar and vocabulary attractive," said Andre Moeller, head of DW's language courses department. "And we will once again offer a wide variety of materials and exercises that give German learners authentic insight into the language. We will provide more cultural information this time than in the first season. The topics range from bar culture to everyday professional life in Germany."

The further developments in the format are reflected in its new design and in the updated title melody to the season, originating from the hip-hop band einshoch6. The second season was made possible thanks to a team including a number of members who brought their experiences from working on the ARD series "Rote Rosen" (Red Roses).

For more than 50 years, DW has offered German courses for learners of every level, from beginners to expert. Today's language courses in 30 languages represent a broad spectrum of multimedia information and learning formats such as interactive courses, a telenovela, audio and video content, podcasts and even a large fan community on Facebook. The mix of language, life and culture allows people around the world to learn German in an easy, entertaining and efficient way. For teachers of German, there is also a plethora of materials available.

Longstanding partners for DW German language courses include the Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe Institute.

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