Podcast 'Love Matters' with Indian-German actress Evelyn Sharma returns for second season | Press | DW | 14.11.2022
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Podcast 'Love Matters' with Indian-German actress Evelyn Sharma returns for second season

Evelyn Sharma is back with a second season of her English-speaking podcast, Love Matters, a DW and The Indian Express production.

The second season launches on November 12. Indian celebrities and influencers will share stories about heartbreak, polyamory and relationships in the workplace. In episode one, Sharma talks with influencers Kareema Barry and Agastha Shah about how today's Generation Z approaches dating and relationships in India.

Sharma: "I enjoyed talking to all my fabulous guests, and I feel like I grew a lot personally through the discussions. Love is now a bigger topic than ever for us, and I'm very excited about season two."

Sharma, born and raised in Germany, is known for her appearances in Bollywood films such as "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" and "Yaariyan." Before her podcast, she hosted DW's lifestyle magazine Euromaxx in German and English. Sharma had her first child, a daughter, a year ago. 

Positive response from the target group

Launched October 2021, Season one of Love Matters reached more than 600,000 views during its first six months and ranked in the top ten of the Indian Apple charts.

The format has received positive response from the young target group. "This is something I can't discuss with others, and it's a good way to get guidance," said one listener. "Today's generation needs a show like this," comments another.

Love Matters with Evelyn Sharma is available on podcast and audio streaming platforms Apple, Spotify and JioSaavn. 

Evelyn Sharma's Instagram profile can be found here.