See YOU in the future - new ways of digital storytelling | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 24.03.2014
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See YOU in the future - new ways of digital storytelling

Monday, June 30, 2014, 4.00 p.m., Room A/B

Hosted by: Grimme-Institut

Digital storytelling has proven to be an effective tool to disseminate, present and impart content of all imaginable kinds. Abstract or complex topics take on the form of short, individual and easily comprehensible films that highlight the relevant aspects of a story – thereby delivering the “message” in a convincing manner.

Used in educational, political and participatory contexts - for (inter-)cultural, historical and sustainable purposes – digital storytelling has found its way from telling personal stories to an outstanding instrument that supports people on their way "from information to participation". The method of digital storytelling is well-established, used all over the world and has evolved in many different formats.

This workshop shows not only the classical approach to digital storytelling but also focuses on new methods, tools and channels. We will look for the new, the special, and the unusual, by exploring the following questions:

Does digital storytelling help overcome borders?
How is digital storytelling used in areas of conflict?
In which ways do professionals apply digital storytelling?
What are current and future tools and platforms?
Can your career benefit from digital storytelling?

These and further aspects will be presented by the panelists and discussed with workshop participants to gain insight into digital storytelling and its future.


Berke, Sarolta
Teacher of English as a Second Language, Alternative Secondary School of Economics, Hungary

Kowalski, Guido
Head of Webmastering and Project Head, Grimme-Institut, Germany


Bathe, Priya
Freelance Journalist and Presenter, Germany