Weltzeit: War in Ukraine and Consequences for Journalism | Press | DW | 23.06.2022
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Weltzeit: War in Ukraine and Consequences for Journalism

The latest issue of DW's Weltzeit is available to read digitally. The new title "Special journalistic operation: War in Europe" covers censorship, frontline reporting, espionage, cyber security and much more.

Russia's attack on a sovereign state in Europe has had unforeseen consequences – also for the world's media. "The challenge for independent journalism in times of crises lies in digging through the growing amount of disinformation and not to get drowned out by ever more effective propaganda tools," warns Director General Peter Limbourg in the new Weltzeit. And adds confidently, "One day DW will be back in Moscow." Learn more about new DW projects and prospects – and why Ensaf Haidar calls for resistance: "Change will not happen if we remain silent."

The digital version of the Weltzeit is available here.