Why art matters: transnational perspectives in cultural dialogue with Syria and Turkey | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 18.05.2016
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Why art matters: transnational perspectives in cultural dialogue with Syria and Turkey

Monday, June 13 / Room Addis I + II / 2.00 p.m.

In times of new global challenges and international crises, Goethe Institut is strengthening the long-lasting engagement of civil society in the act of promoting and spreading culture. In a number of countries, freedom of expression and freedom of the press is increasingly at risk. This discussion aims to show which methods of international cooperation in the area of culture will best promote communication and understanding.

Journalists and cultural managers working in the field of arts and culture from Syria and Turkey will exchange their ideas on the role of culture and media in their respective societies, along with their thoughts on possible perspectives for their work. The panel will offer insight on the working conditions of journalists and cultural managers working in the fields of art, culture and communication in countries in which political circumstances limit the sphere of artists.

In dialogue with the audience, the panel will address the following questions: How do artists and cultural managers and journalists view their work in their respective societies? How do crises impede the progress of their work? How can the impact of this field be measured and which opportunities does it present? How can regional and international networks effect societal change? How can cultural foreign policy help create stability in transition countries? Culture being part of a national and regional identity, what can be done to help artists and the cultural life of countries marred by conflict?