Continuing WikiLeaks drama brings in more reader mail | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 10.12.2010
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Continuing WikiLeaks drama brings in more reader mail

Now that Julian Assange has been arrested and speculation is flying about his possible extradition, readers have opened the floodgates and told us how they feel about the situation.

WikiLeaks website

Assange's arrest in Britain continues to spark controversy

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Australia offers support to WikiLeaks founder, Operation Payback begins

Should Assange be extradited to the United States?

Why? He did not spy, he did not steal all the data that was passed along to him - nor is he a US citizen. The US has been caught with the pants way down and of course, doesn't like it one bit. The US has sprung a "leaki" in its "weaki" and doesn't like it one "bitty." As the saying goes … those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. -- Vera, Germany

I believe Asange did bring out the true colors of individuals, opinion makers and governments in the present context of world politics. Everyone should admire his forthright exposure, however bitter it may be; more so the Americans who expect democracies and freedom to speech to flourish around the globe. Extradition and implicating him will only show the US in bad light. -- Mohan, India

No, he shouldn't be extradited. It's a witch hunt to divert blame from the people who should be overseeing US security. We've paid good money for Homeland Security. Whose fault is it that thousands of secret documents were released? -- Wayne, US

Definitely not. Supporting corruption and lack of common sense has been the M.O. for too long. Someone needs to wake up the people over here, WikiLeaks is a good start. -- Gene, US

The US has only itself to blame for the leaks ... its a schoolyard bully that's now having a tantrum and calling on its buddies to help it in a scrap because it knows it can't nuke everyone that doesn't agree with it. In Australia the US is seen as a gutless mongrel that will do anything to get its own way especially concerning energy drilling. -- Tom, Australia

Julian Assange is a XXI century hero, in the sixties the fight against the Empire was with "guerrillas," today the fight is with Internet. And he's going to win. -- Crstina, Spain

The US is paranoid about WikiLeaks. A typical response of killing the messenger. No extradition of Julian Assange. The EU should promote transparency and be more open about foreign policies and clarity of diplomatic mores in language. -- J., The Netherlands

No way Jose! Who cares about America? Not me anyway :) I'm so happy about WikiLeaks and anything that harms America. They think an insult to US is immoral, and that they are somehow better than the rest of us. They are just greedy, self-important and power-obsessed. Everything they touch is tarnished. They are so last century. Bring on the rise of China and India! How dare they think they can "spy" on other countries in the UN! -- Brian, Ireland

If any European country extradites Julian Assange to the United States, it will be for a political "crime." Is Europe the running dog of the US, or a group of sovereign nations dedicated to freedom of the press, freedom of the individual and people having the right to know what is going on? Kevin Rudd claims that the core problem is the failure by the US to protect its diplomatic communications. I think the core problem is the behavior of the US. The reason that WikiLeaks has not released the diplomatic communications of other countries (eg: Germany, Australia) is that they are better behaved and do not goose-step on the world stage, trying to take over the world. -- Charles, Australia

I believe that having all that "secret" info available for everybody to learn was not the "status quo" however it was disclosed and it is done. The fellow in jail in the United Kingdom is actually a journalist devoted to inform the public. If he ever is extradited to the US he can claim "freedom of expression." Now, in terms of those "ladies" claiming sex crimes, that is a bit doubtful. They have waited until now, come on! I believe that it was a politically manipulated act to get him behind bars. And if those allegedly "crimes" were committed in Sweden, shouldn't he then be extradited to that country? -- Elena, US

No. He's a hero who has struck a powerful blow for freedom! He should be given the Medal of Freedom award! -- Michael, US

No, he should not be extradited to the US; he has not been charged with any US crime. Whatever one thinks about WikiLeaks, Mr. Assange is taking a principled stand against the establishment for personal convictions and at great risk to himself. If the political solution is to restrict freedom of the internet it will amplify Assange's stance: that many elected politicians are duplicitous control freaks who need their over-used and abused powers curtailed. He deserves respect, support and applause for his courage. -- A., Japan

I believe that Assange is being targeted for what he did. If he's found guilty of real sexual misconduct, I believe he should be punished, but as far as the Internet crap, I believe he'll prevail. He'll probably either wimp out for future stuff, or he'll feel more emboldened. I'd like to see the hackers messing with MasterCard put to be punished though. It causes too many undeserving people a lot of pain. -- Joe, US

I am completely baffled by the case. Mr. Assange has been arrested in a country (UK) which belongs to the INTERPOL group of countries so, according to the rules, he might be obviously extradited to Sweden - country which relies on "the rules" within the INTERPOL group. At the same time, Mr. Assange has been accused of allegedly having broken the law of another country (USA) which is also in the INTERPOL group. In addition, his own country (Australia) has now given a hint of standing up for him by offering him legal help, not ruling out his extradition to Australia (being also the INTERPOL member.) In addition, there is the International Court of Justice in the Hague (operating within the UNO.) So international law, respective rules of law of the countries mentioned, international organizations (Interpol, UNO, EU) are all to be bundled in this case which is too much intricate to the 'untrained eye' in this "legal maze." -- Stanley, Slovakia

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Andreas Illmer

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