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DW Audio News on Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri

With these voice commands you can access DW Audio News via the supported smart speakers.


You can also replace "DW" with "Deutsche Welle" when giving the following voice commands.

Amazon Alexa

English: "Alexa, what's in the news?", "Alexa, play my Flash Briefing", 
German: "Alexa, was sind die Nachrichten", „Alexa, Was ist meine tägliche Zusammenfassung?"
Spanish: "Alexa, ¿cuáles son las noticias (del día)?", "Alexa, pon el resumen de noticias."

For Amazon Alexa you need to add and configure the DW source in the Alexa-App on your mobile device. You can find an instruction as a video guide and a picture gallery on this website.

Apple Siri

English: "Hey Siri, play me the news from DW"; "Hey, Siri, play me the news from Deutsche Welle"; "Hey Siri, play me the news from DW English"
Spanish: "Hola Siri, dame las noticias de DW", "Oye Siri, ¿Cuáles son las noticias de DW?"

Google Assistant

English: "OK Google, open DW News", "OK Google, play DW News"
Spanish: "OK Google, escuchar las noticias de DW.", "OK Google, Ponme las noticias de DW.", "¿Cuáles son las últimas novedades de DW?"

DW on Amazon Alexa

Video instruction - DW Audio News on Amazon Alexa