Local insight, global reach: Working in a strong network with partners  | Press | DW | 11.06.2021
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Local insight, global reach: Working in a strong network with partners 

Partnerships are at the heart of DW's international distribution. This English-language issue of Weltzeit explores some of the more than 4,000 partnerships worldwide.

We share a long history with some of them and new partners are coming regularly on board. DW is dedicated to unbiased journalism worldwide, that’s why objective and balanced journalism is at the core of such partnerships.

While most news events have a local focus, they often have a global impact. Through collaborations DW is enabling local media in many countries to provide its audience with analysis and reports from around the world. As a result, a diverse audience is reached via television, radio and social media.

We invite you to explore this new issue of Weltzeit and find out more about DW’s projects and partners — how a cooperation in Pakistan encourages young filmmakers to show what matters to them, the impact of social media in the Arab world to the eco TV magazine Eco Africa which is broadcast across the African continent and offers solutions on how to protect the environment.

Magazine highlights:

Colombia: 134 years of defending freedom of expression

Breaking barriers in Brazil

Straight out of Lahore

Eco Africa: A German-African affair 

The battle for Myanmar plays out on Twitter, TikTok and Telegram

Social media: A decade of leading change in the Arab world

The meaning of true partnership

Unstoppable: Tobore Ovuorie

“Dear journalist”  Your request has not been approved!” 

It's time to listen to young Europeans

Journalists face danger to life even outside war zones

Becoming: Michelle Bachelet 

From Africa, by Africa

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