Sweden's wolf cull has most readers howling their disapproval | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 02.02.2011
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Sweden's wolf cull has most readers howling their disapproval

Most, but not all, of our readers are opposed to the wolf cull in Sweden where a hunt keeps the inbred wolf population at 210 animals. Both those for and against wrote in and shared their thoughts.

A wolf howls at the moon

Sweden is keeping the wolf population steady at 210

Sweden's wolf cull divides nation

Do you think the EU should interfere with Sweden's policy on wolves?

I have done lots of reading and research on wolves and if A. Carlgren would do the same he would learn how important the wolves are to the environment, and what true, loyal and smart animals they are. How do these people get in charge when they seem to not understand what they are doing? I agree with M. Karlssen we do need more wolves in the wild and killing them is not protecting them! -- Martina, US

Of course the EU needs to intervene here to bring the Swedish government to their senses. Wolves are highly endangered in the country despite the fact there are vast areas with low human densities that would be very suitable for them. Another issue is the fact that other EU countries could allow the hunting of other endangered species like larger eagles and lynx etc., if Sweden is seen to be allowed get away with such flagrant violations of basic EU conservation laws. It also sends the wrong message to other countries outside of the EU - could one imagine the potential damage to lion and tiger populations if African countries and India adopted similar dubious practices in managing such endangered predators? -- Jimmy, Ireland

Sweden is 101 percent wrong. They have to protect the wolves and hunters can shoot at Tivoli Park. -- Monica, Brazil

Sweden has 210 wolves and are maintaining them at 210, why would the EU say anything, they are not trying to get rid of them just control them so they don't kill so many reindeer or sheep. Not like my country where the wolves are killing all the elk and the greenies new science with peer review is a joke. They don't care about the elk, the livestock and the people that live around them (this is not 100 years ago). They just want more wolves everywhere at all cost, and want no one to kill a pretty wolf. Why not let the EU trap the wolves live and move them to other countries in the EU. It would be a win-win Sweden could control there numbers and no wolves would be killed. -- Bill, US

What about the bullfights in Spain? Which is more cruel? -- Steve, Greece

From Facebook:

Of course it should, the only wolves in Europe and they are killing them! It's a disgrace. -- Kräg

These hypocrites are eating steak everyday while calling for a stop to hunt wolves. Managed hunting creates healthy lifestyle. They are wolves, not dolphins. -- Tang

Of course!! Can there be any doubt about it? The wolves belong to the planet's nature not to a particular country. -- Marco Antonio

The EU has no bloody business interfering with Sweden's wolf cull policy. Sweden introduced it for its own valid reasons which were to do with local circumstances, and the EU has no business judging. The EU needs to focus on economic recovery in its member nations, which I should think is more important. -- Grant

That number, 210 wolves, is quite small for a country as large as Sweden. I'm surprised. -- Eugene

Yes it is a crime, by all ethical standards and humanitarian. Religions taught us to respect God's creatures and not to be subjected by her kindness and stay away from words and we need morality and humanitarian sentiments that are not attacking the right of the animal in life. -- Boceill

God and the natural selection, they led to developing the wolf, with a few ends in the nature. A protection intervention of the animal one, it is welcome. -- Carvajal

I am so sure the wolves are deliberately interfering in mankind's "way of life." They ignore political (sovereign) boundaries, dare to forage for food and practice unsafe sex. How dare they ignore the man's laws of the land and adopt that outdated policy of nature's law. They should be tagged with a number, terminated when they reach a certain age, limit one pup per bitch, and must report to their area police station at least once a week. -- David

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Andreas Illmer

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