What can I do if I have picture or sound issues with the livestream or videos? | FAQs about DW's online content. | DW | 12.04.2024
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FAQ: Online

What can I do if I have picture or sound issues with the livestream or videos?

If you are experiencing buffering problems, just follow these steps to get things running smoothly again.

Please delete the cache of your browser or app.

Due to the vast range of devices on the market please look for instructions on how to do so for your device on the Internet.

If a video is not playing smoothly, try reducing the quality of the video by clicking on the settings button in the media player. 
This issue may also be caused by some settings on your PC. For this reason, check the following settings on your device:

  • Is the latest version of your browser installed on your PC?
  • Did you try a different browser?
  • Do you have a pop-up blocker or ad-blocker installed that may prevent the player from opening?
  • Is the bandwidth of your Internet connection sufficient or working under heavy load from another download?
  • If you are accessing Deutsche Welle via a mobile phone, please check your network coverage or Wi-Fi connection.

If you still have trouble, please send us an email to info@dw.com. To help our technicians touble shooting, please provide the following information in your message:

  • Which operating system and which version of the operating system you are using.
    For instance: Android 4.2 or iOS 8.1.
  • Which device and hardware format you are using.
    For example: Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPad Mini tablet etc.
  • Which version of the Deutsche Welle app are you using or which browser and browser version are you using?
    The app version can be found in the settings section of the DW app.
  • Which language offer you are using and which country you are in.
  • Please briefly describe how the error occurred and send in a screenshot of the error message or how the app is displayed.


Why is the TV livestream blocked for certain programs? 

These interruptions are due to copyright restrictions.

Some content needs to be blocked on the internet livestream due to licensing reasons.
For example, Deutsche Welle cannot show content of the German Bundesliga via internet livestream.

If you have further questions, please contact us:

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