Which Way, Ukraine? | Services from Deutsche Welle | DW | 24.11.2004
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Which Way, Ukraine?

In the middle of the dispute over the Ukrainian election result DW-World readers predict varying outcomes for the future of the country.

Thousands in Kiev have been protesting alleged election fraud

Thousands in Kiev have been protesting alleged election fraud

In my opinion there should not need to be a choice for Ukraine between eventual EU membership or maintaining a relationship with the Russian Federation, because both will sooner or later need to integrate as one. I believe that Europe would be strengthened through political and military alliance between France, Germany and the Russia. I think this is needed as a counter-veiling power to the alliance of the US and Great Britain. -- Gustavo Araujo, South America

The sanctions must be imposed as soon as possible to ensure the irreversibility of the "rosy revolution" that is currently taking place in Ukraine. We must maintain sufficient pressure on the authorities in order to ensure the eventual president is elected by the democratic majority. -- Vlad Grynovetskyy, Ukraine

Demonstrationen in der Ukraine

If it is obvious that the election results have been fabricated and that international observers have serious doubts about the legitimacy of the elections, I believe that the international community has a role to play in ensuring that the popular majority candidate succeeds. I am also of the opinion that Russia should not become involved in Ukrainian elections. By openly supporting the incumbent candidate Yanukovich, Vladimir Putin is playing an unwanted and undemocratic role in skewing the election results. The way forward, I believe, would be to annul the results of the current elections and hold another round of freer and fairer elections. A mere recount of the votes would not, for example, take care of such violations as the duplication of absentee ballots or a possible fabrication of results by the election committees in the Ukrainian provinces. -- Natalia Bruslanova, New York

Viktor Yushchenko's victory is a vital precondition to a successful transition of Ukraine to a true democratic society after only 14 years of relative independence. Yanukovich would lead the country back into the arms of Russia with its dreams of rebuilding the old empire, enhancing Ukraine's economic and political exploitation by Russian interests. Strengthening Ukraine's independence is of vital long term interest to Poland, Germany and other members of the EU. -- M Smyk

I believe that for Europe, a Yushchenko victory is a vote for democracy and, I hope, the beginning of Ukraine's path to becoming a truly independent state away from the control that Russia continues to exert on the country. It will hopefully deepen its reforms and improve its legal system, which will allow the successful elimination of many of the 'gangsters' who continue to profit from the collapse of the former Soviet Union. -- George Olynyk

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