General questions | FAQs about DW's TV offers | DW | 12.04.2024
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General questions

Information on DW's TV offers, the program preview and SmartTV App.

How can I receive Deutsche Welle on my TV?

At, you can find information on how to access DW’s multimedia services on your TV.

Deutsche Welle offers a range of information in multimedia formats and 30 languages, including high-quality journalistic content for television, radio, and the Internet. For distribution, we rely on a global satellite network, several thousand partner stations, and the Internet, which is where we offer our mobile content. In Africa and parts of Asia, we also broadcast on shortwave and continue to reach many people this way.


In which languages does Deutsche Welle broadcast its TV lineup?

DW currently broadcasts TV programs in English, Spanish, and Arabic 24 hours a day.

Deutsche Welle also produces content in other widely-spoken languages in order to reach as many people as possible around the world. A variety of DW magazines are adapted into other languages and distributed locally in cooperation with partner stations. In addition, content is available in 30 languages on our


Where can I find program recommendations or the program guide for the current week?

You can find detailed information about the program guides on
You can find all of Deutsche Welle’s previews here.


What SmartTV apps are available from Deutsche Welle?

With DW for SmartTV, you can enjoy and access our content according to your schedule.

DW for Smart TV is available for free on certain Samsung and LG devices as well as Sony TV platforms, Apple TV and Android TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
Watch live streams of Deutsche Welle’s TV channels: DW English, DW Español, and DW Arabia. There might be restrictions depending on the country you live in.
Watch DW when you prefer—view entire shows or short clips. Create your own playlists or use the auto play feature to watch thematically sorted content.

You can find more information about which devices are supported here.


Why does Deutsche Welle list its program times in UTC?

DW is an international broadcaster with programs available in many time zones of the world. DW can only express clear broadcast times with the help of this standard.

Like most international stations that broadcast radio or television programs in foreign countries, Deutsche Welle provide broadcasting times in UTC (also known as GMT or world time). Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and world time all describe the same thing—namely a worldwide standard time used for orientation.
The link below provides information about the world’s time zones and a world time table, where you can see how much time you need to add or subtract from UTC/GMT/world time to know when a program will be broadcast in your local time.


If you have further questions, please contact us:

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