Using DW and Psiphon to circumvent internet censorship  | How to access the free Internet | DW | 12.02.2021
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Censored Net

Using DW and Psiphon to circumvent internet censorship 

Government censorship of the internet is a persistent threat to freedom of expression. Since 2012, DW has been utilizing the bypass tool Psiphon to allow access to blocked content from DW and other platforms.

One of the main missions of DW is to advocate for freedom of expression and free access to information around the world. One of the growing threats to these tenets is internet censorship. Countries are increasingly blocking access to news sites like DW that provide reliable information and social media platforms that foster dialogue.  

In order to allow users in these countries access to DW and other blocked content, DW has been working with Psiphon, a commercial provider in Canada, to create censorship-bypass tools for the needs of free media. 

Psiphon offers apps and computer programs that offer different censorship-avoidance mechanisms and utilize a variety of servers, proxy servers and VPN technologies. DW now offers different means for users to utilize Psiphon technology to access content that has been censored. 

Accessing blocked DW content via the DW app 

Since 2020, Psiphon software has been integrated into the DW app for iOS and Android and makes DW content available in countries with limited internet access. With a click of a button, users in Iran and China — where DW is blocked — can access DW content by activating the Proxy setting in the app.

To do so, click on the menu button at the top left of the DW app, click on "Proxy" and then click on "Activate Proxy" (see image).

Activate Proxy function in Psiphon

Users will find the Activate Proxy button by clicking on the Proxy setting

Please be aware that the proxy uses various technologies that may affect the app’s loading speed and that the use of the proxy may violate laws in some countries. The DW app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). 

Download the DW app.

Using DW's Psiphon app to access other blocked sites/platforms 

It is becoming more common for governments to block social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and other sites as a means of stifling expression. DW has also been working with Psiphon to provide a tool for access to other content and platforms that are being blocked by internet censors.  

Text says: To download Pisphon, send a blank email to

For a download link, send a blank email to

If you are experiencing such problems, consider using the Psiphon app. To add the app to your phone (iOS/Android) or desktop, send an email to for a download link. If you use Psiphon via DW, you will first be redirected to DW's website. From there, you can continue onward to any other website. 

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